10 things you need to know about Ashenment

Ashenment roughly means in old elf raging elements

10. Dragonborn are the domininent race on Ashenment while humans have just arrived from an unknown plane. Dwarves are some what common in Ashenment but mainly reside to the mountains in which are always searching for way to digger deeper into. Elves, the rarest race on Ashenment, originate from the mysterious and dangerous isle of Ashten. Half-elves are almost not heard of because of elves being so rare. Halflings are more common then the dwarf but not as common as the human. Most Halflings originate from the sunny plains of Shura’Task.

9. All the deities in Ashenment are dragons which rule over a certain element. Humans and dragonborn play an important role in this because some hand chosen humans or dragonborn are turned into elemental warriors called guardians.

8. Guardians are humans or dragonborn who have become masters of one element and have a portion of the dragon element inside of them. Therefore, they can turn into dragons and are almost as powerful as the deity that gave them there power. Guardians are in charge of doing there deities bidding and protecting Ashenment from foreign and internal threats.

7. The dark dragon, the rouge dragon deity who is trying to take over all of Ashenment is immensely powerful. He has been quite for many of centuries plotting and planning but now he has awakened and is starting his dark crusade upon Ashenment.

6. There is a rumor of a king dragon deity more powerful then all the other deities including the dark dragon put together. No one knows if these rumors are true. Some say even the dragon deities them selves don’t know. This dragon is so powerful he would rather let his subjects do his bidding rather then take care of these little interferences.

5. All races reside on the main continent known as seat’lement

4. The geography of Ashenment is very complex; this includes sweltering desserts, snowy mountains, large seas, magnificent forests, windy plains, grand cities, welcoming beaches, and wide rivers. Ashenment is mainly made up of desserts and mountains with the occasional forests and rivers. Most people in Ashenment do not know much of the sea except it’s far away and it’s dangerous.

3. Magic is present in Ashenment but is mainly elemental and it’s unheard of actually controlling the force of magic its self. The following elements make up the core magic’s with branches (if any) of those elements coming after the core ones: Fire, Earth-plants, Water-ice, Wind-lightning, Dark, Light, and Sprit.

2. With the rise of the Dark Dragon, many normal animals and plants have been affected by the taint of his darkness and are no longer of this world. As well as, the Dark Dragon has his own Guardians, who he trains himself, and he has his own Dark army plus other dragons aiding him in his dastardly plots. The only way for any thing to become corrupted is if you touch Pure Taint. Some of the most legendary Guardians have fallen to this fate, which is worst then death. The Dark Dragon needed a way to get an army together quickly, an army that would listen to him without question and would love to be evil. Thus, Tieflings were brought into the world with the immense power of the Dark Dragon he created 7 layers of hell in which demons and devils are always at war. On the 1st layer Tieflings are born but below that not even Tieflings would survive. There are some Tieflings who have ran away from the Dark Dragon and have made their homes in cities living in secret but these Tieflings are even more rare then half-elves.

1. The mortal races are holding back the Dark Dragon for now. But who knows how long that will be…

10 things you need to know about Ashenment

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